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News #1 from BitArb Dear investors, It is with great hope and pleasure that we announce today that BitArb is now online and ready to on-board new investors. As you may have read in our website, we are investing in crypto arbitrage trading using in-house developed tools that allows us to offer different investment plans based on our live trading results. LITECOIN GATEWAY AVAILABLE! Activation of Litecoin payment gateway in our platform. News from CryptoInstant Greetings to everybody! Today is the 26th day of Cryptoinstant Limited’s project. Company news from Cryptoinstant.com Greetings to everybody! Today is the 22nd day of the project work, and this is just the beginning. 19th day of the investment project of Cryptoinstant Limited Greetings to everybody!, Today is the 19th day of the investment project of Cryptoinstant Limited
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  • Very Good Proven-Profits

    I received my first withdrawal over here very fast as if it is instant payment I made sure to make a reinvestment of my principal back into the program to a new plan :) Payment batch - The amount of 521.04 USD has been deposited to your account. Accou

  • Good BitContract

    No payment issue. paid instant

  • Very Good LuxuryCarsRental

    Выплаты ручные, а какой регламинт выплат.На других блогах пишут выплаты-инстант.

  • Very Good BitContract

    No bug No issue Smooth as Butter. Everybody should invest. Honest admin pays instantly.

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Payment Systems: PerfectMoney
Invested: $80.00
Returned: 85%
Min invest: $10
Max invest: $50000
Referral: 1%
Withdrawal: Manual
User votes: 0.0 / 0 votes
Added: Apr 13th, 2018
Monitored: 65 days
Lifetime: 72 days
Last Payout: Jun 16th, 2018
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investement plans
2.1% DAILY FOR 60 DAYS, 200% AFTER 10 DAYS.
Payout Ratio: 85%
Profit: $68.17 in 57 payouts
Investment: $80.00 in 2 spends

Type Date Amount Comment
Profit Jun 16th, 2018 $1.05
Profit Jun 15th, 2018 $1.05
Profit Jun 14th, 2018 $1.05
Spend Jun 12th, 2018 $50.00
Profit Jun 12th, 2018 $30.63
Profit Jun 11th, 2018 $0.63
Profit Jun 10th, 2018 $0.63
Profit Jun 10th, 2018 $0.63
Profit Jun 8th, 2018 $0.63
Profit Jun 7th, 2018 $0.63
Profit Jun 5th, 2018 $0.63
Profit Jun 4th, 2018 $0.63
Profit Jun 3rd, 2018 $0.63
Profit Jun 2nd, 2018 $0.63
Profit Jun 1st, 2018 $0.63
Profit May 31st, 2018 $0.63
Profit May 31st, 2018 $0.63
Profit May 29th, 2018 $0.63
Profit May 28th, 2018 $1.63
Profit May 26th, 2018 $0.63
Profit May 25th, 2018 $0.63
Profit May 23rd, 2018 $0.63
Profit May 21st, 2018 $0.63
Profit May 20th, 2018 $0.63
Profit May 18th, 2018 $0.63